Dating Over the Hill

I've manage to somehow surround myself with old people and 18-year-olds. I have a certain disdain for 18-year-olds so I tend to socialize with the older set. Old people need love too, and as I see it, they need to get laid worse than any other subset. We all know that the majority of your … Continue reading Dating Over the Hill

Scheduling like a Boss

So you've got two jobs, a regular volunteer gig, and you're taking a few classes so that you don't have to do this into eternity. The trick to juggling all of these things while making sure the dog gets walked and maybe once in a while you get to go out is to surround yourself … Continue reading Scheduling like a Boss

Dog Etiquette: Lessons for a Master

As a dog owner you spend countless hours tied to a stinky-dirty, territorial beast who understands that if you think you are in charge the day will go much smoother. He's not the only one who wants the walks to be free from incident, today, I will help you become the most obedient dog owner … Continue reading Dog Etiquette: Lessons for a Master

Navigating the Office During Flu Season

Flu season (October to April in my part of the world) is nearly here. Your office is filled with people who never get sick which in their minds means they are impenetrable to viruses, these "picture of health" people won't get a flu shot. If last year taught us anything it's get vaccinated and brace … Continue reading Navigating the Office During Flu Season

The Art of Toweling Off

At some point you will be standing in public place, naked and wet with a towel in your hand. What you do with that towel will speak volumes to your character, let me help you be the most confident version of you. You are standing there, water running down your body all, your first instinct … Continue reading The Art of Toweling Off

Get What You Want from Customer Service 

As a grownup you will eventually have to call a customer service line. Most likely you dread this day but with the right attitude and the following tips you'll be able to quickly achieve gold star caller status.  1. Multitask You are going to be on hold for two to 97 minutes, don't waste that … Continue reading Get What You Want from Customer Service