Making the Right First Impression

At one point or another you will be in front of a small crowd, you are supposed to speak to them. The fear of public speaking cuts most people to the core and now not only do you have to speak but you have to do it well enough to win the heart and mind of a prospective client or something. I can help you command the room.

You will want to get to your post at the head of your conference table or podium a bit early. While you wait look aloof. Read your phone. Check your email. Laugh with yourself at something dumb. As people file in they will look upon you with intrigue.

Intrigue is a wonderful way got gain the attention of your audience.

At the start of the meeting refrain from making eye contact with anyone. Start fiddling with the machine you need to get your presentation up visually. Make sure that it doesn’t work, you want to stall a bit longer to extend the ordeal. If you crawl around following cords and wires you will continue to hold the attention of your audience. They will be surprised by your DIY attitude.

Give yourself a solid five minutes of clicking your mouse and gazing at electrical outlets.

After you have settled into your “old school” presentation routine, sans visual aid make sure you pepper your speech with awkward grammar, it will endear the group to you, perfect speaking grammar is intimating. You want to be well liked and intimidating you audience will not help you in that regard.

Good luck.

Note: maxi pads will help absorb any sweat and they fit nicely in the armpits of most shirts.

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