Crushing it in College, Again

At some point you will find yourself back in a classroom, whether by choice or by necessity, and you need to make the best of it. As an adult in a college classroom you will be an example for the youths. This time around will be better than the last (if you didn’t go to college prior to this experience, this will still be better than that), here’s how…

Ask questions

You didn’t do it before because you were afraid of looming silly. You can’t look silly asking questions because there are no dumb questions. So what if the question isn’t relevant to the lecture or even the class, your professor who has spent 20+ years studying physics can totes help you navigate your essay for the one university studies class about economics. And don’t let your fellow students signs deter you, they want to know too.

Keep up with technology 

Remember when PDAs were the thing? Now, it’s iPhones that are bigger than your first apartment. You need to bring this tech with you to class, and so everyone is aware that you are hip to what the kids are into, leave the volume on loud. 

The other thing you want to invest in is a backpack with wheels. These things were invented to save the backs of younger generations, your back is shot but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on trend. Bump that rolly bag into every desk, chair, and ankle you can.

Make everyone aware of your importance 

Show up to every class late. Make sure you interrupt the lecture with loud apologies and excuses (“all the handicap spaces were taken” is a personal favorite because you open the door to further explaining your ailments to a captive audience of 15-400). 

If you must, tell the class about a meeting you were stuck in.

Ask for more points

Professors are stingy as hell with grades, I would explain the bell curve to you but the only curve you really need to know about is the one where your 67 turns into a 97 so you don’t have to learn anything. Ask about this curve at all possible points. Also, ask if this is going to be on the test.

When your professor explains how he or she doesn’t curve a grade at all, ever, beg. Let them know that you have a job and a Thursday night trivia team that take priority to studying, they will understand and form over that A.

Tell everyone it’s easier this time

People love to hear that you aren’t challenged by things that make them cry. You are a more serious student now because you are older and wiser and your employer is paying you to take this class. 

Any questions?

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