Sharing is Caring

I have emphasized sharing a lot lately, and maybe subconsciously its a reaction to the daily struggle of having a dog, everything I eat, he eats. But it could also be that people aren’t good at sharing. It’s a super life skill that you should have learned before you were six years old, today I shall attempt to provide a refresher.


It is easiest to share when you have enough to do so, a box of cookies instead of just a single serving of six or seven, that kind of thing. So take the lot. After you’ve taken the largest portion or the highest quality bits for yourself let everyone know that you have something you would like to share with the group. They will be gracious that you have thought of them.


If there are six types flavors of candy in the Halloween bowl at work, you cannot afford to contribute a seventh candy, create a sharing opportunity. If there are Reese’s Cups (or whatever seems to be most popular) gather each and every one in a bag. Don’t leave a trace that they had ever been in the bowl. Take that bag to your desk and wait. Eventually someone will complain about the lack of Reese’s and you will come to their aid by providing one of your stolen Cups. If no one asks, keep them all for yourself.


Give of the things you don’t want. Give only to people what can give you back twice as much. Give with your whole selfish and take with it as well.

Go forth and spread your cookies, but only the burnt ones.

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