The Art of Correcting Others

If you are not a teacher or an editor or quality control you aren’t a professional corrector. Professional or not there will be times when you need to correct someone and when you do you should do it with grace. Most of us don’t do this well, let me help you.

Make it public

You don’t want someone to go around touting the wrong information so stop them, but make sure there are witnesses so that they can no longer feign ignorance.

Put an end to the wrong

Don’t argue, you can’t argue with ignorance so don’t waste your time. Instead simply state, “You’re wrong!” or “Nope.” both options are emphatic enough to stop them in their tracks and are concise enough to prevent much push back.

Give them the facts

It’s not enough to tell someone they are wrong, you need to educate them. They’ll resist so be sure to repeat yourself nine times. Repetion is key to memorizations and, as I have learned recently, memorizing something is th same as learning it.

This all works best if you are the one who is incorrect.

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