Leggings and You

It should be known that I do not like when grown women put on leggings and run about like they are dressed. 

This is my opinion.

 I have lots of opinions, and many people  do not agree with them. I am ok with the general disagreement with my opinions because they are were formed by my experience, which is very specific and I highly doubt it is shared with any other singular person. 

So, yeah, I don’t like when you wear leggings as pants, but I’m sure as shit not going to tell you that you can’t. 

It looks like some folks did lay out who can and can’t wear leggings (thanks for pointing it out Jamie) so I’m here to help guide you into following their rule.

Wear a diaper

Word is diapers and leggings are a key combination for cuteness. A diaper will make your bum look fuller and prevent any indecent labia outlining, commonly known as camel toe, for the uninitiated.

Diapers have the added benefit of allowing you to answer any and all calls of nature, making your more efficient (ladies take too damn long to potty!) and adding curves to your nether lady lumps. 

Be smoking hot

If your phycal presence makes men, all knowing and powerful, kneel down and praise their god, you are allowed to don leggings as pants.

The rest of us, from good enough looking to good breeding stock to downright uggos, we’ll stick to whatever the plus-sized/alt blogs tell us is acceptable. They make stuff other than sac cloth for us now, did you know?

Cover thyself

If you go with crotchless leggings, toss on a tunic or hoodie. Also cross your legs. It’s just the decent, modest thing to do.

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