How to Live Without Insurance 

I don't know how people functioned back when you had to pay out of pocket for the doctor who came to the aid of Little Jimmy, frail from the consumption. I get the feeling that car insurance, health insurance, bundled homeowners policies and the rest are new on the scene. And they are crippling the … Continue reading How to Live Without Insurance 

The Butt of the Benefits 

I write a lot about aging it seems. I am surrounded by the aging and the aged and while no one is disillusioned about turning the clock back everyone has something they will pay out the nose to maintain. For me it's wrinkle prevention at $40 a jar. For some women it's tying their boobs … Continue reading The Butt of the Benefits 

Learning to Accept Compliments

One of the things that I have noticed is that people, women especially, are really bad at accepting compliments. I think it stems from the collective idea that you can't be happy with yourself. You're spectacular, own that shit. And I understand that it may feel awkward at first but use some of the responses … Continue reading Learning to Accept Compliments

Happy Birthday because Facebook Told Me To Remember You

If you are one of the billion or so daily so Facebook users you are all too familiar with the morning notification that includes who of your friends is celebrating the anniversary of being squeezed out of a vagina. And if you are like half of those billion daily users you write a heartfelt message to … Continue reading Happy Birthday because Facebook Told Me To Remember You

Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants

I am a woman of marrying age. I am single. In some circles, including but not limited to the produce department of the finer grocery chains, I am past my best-by date. This is something of my choosing, spinsterhood. Unlike being an old maid, being a spinster doesn't carry the weight of viginity with it. … Continue reading Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants