Learning to Accept Compliments

One of the things that I have noticed is that people, women especially, are really bad at accepting compliments. I think it stems from the collective idea that you can’t be happy with yourself.

You’re spectacular, own that shit. And I understand that it may feel awkward at first but use some of the responses below to help you be your most confident self.

You make me blush

It’s old school, and by that I mean lame, to say this. But the point of is that you aren’t denying the compliment, and that’s what you are shooting for. 

Please note this doesn’t work for moments when men your father’s age tell you, “you are too cute when you blush”.  

Thank you

This is about as far as most people get when it comes to accepting compliments. It’s a stong position. And it works on almost everything from cute shoes to your winning personality. 

This is not an appropriate response to someone telling you that they want to marry someone just like you, especially you single, unless they are a child. That is not a compliment, unless it’s a child.

I know

This is a response reserved only for the most secure of human beings. Or cases when people state obvious things in admiration. If you are tall and someone gushes about how tall you are, use this. It works in most other cases as well.

Be wary though, this little response has the potential to have you going from spectacular to spectacular asshole.
You got this. You are smart, enough.

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