Pulling Off Uppity Poor

At some point you will discover that you are poor. I hear it's a symptom of adulthood, I also hear it gets better, but when you've straddled the poverty line for a decade it stops being a symptom and just is. Some people are good at being poor, they stay healthy on shit food and … Continue reading Pulling Off Uppity Poor

PIN Safety 

We all use codes to keep our dirty little secrets secret. Your money, your contacts, your pictures they're all hidden behind a series of four numbers.  It seems trivial to you but I've seen people's life savings run into the ether because they couldn't protect that arbitrary series of digits. Revenge porn sites and Nigerian … Continue reading PIN Safety 

In the Pudding Club or Too into Pudding 

The problem with being a woman is that every time you're are hungry, tired, or pukey the assumption is that you are pregnant. Even if it is impossible a pregnancy test is administered, I've even heard tales of doctors who don't understand the reproductive implications of lesbianism (could be urban legend).  So when is it … Continue reading In the Pudding Club or Too into Pudding