Proper Umbrella Etiquette 

On the days that it is raining cats and dogs everyone pulls out their cute little umbrellas and flits around in their little rain boots, pretending to love the rain. 

Whilest flitting you should be aware of your umbrella and how it affects the people in your immediate vicinity. Below are few tips for keeping others comfortable when you are using an umbrella.

Twirl it

Nothing brings more joy to people on a sidewalk than someone gayly twirling their umbrella as they stroll past.

 Just be sure to twirl it fast enough to ensure the centripetal force keeps any spray from umbrella off of you. What’s the point of having an umbrella if you get wet using it?

Leave it outside 

When you enter a business it is curtious to leave your umbrella outside to prevent puddles forming indoors. 

There is no need to collapse the umbrella or put it to the side, you’ll only be in for a moment. Leave open in front of the only door so that when you come out hands full you can pick it up and be on your merry way. If someone complains that you are obstructing the flow of traffic ignore them, they are probably just having a bad day.

Watch people’s eyes

One of the challenges of a sidewalk filled with umbrellas is eye safety. Do you bob or weave to avoid poking a fellow pedestrian’s eye out? Look them in the eye and follow their lead, if they bob, you weave. 

But if they read this blog you can get a matching set of eye patches because you will be holding eye contact in a game of chicken, no reader of mine should ever lose at a game of chicken.

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