The Dangers of Popping Pills

So, there are these little things that everyone takes and I’ve written about previously. These little things are meant to make us better, some in the short term and others more long term. Some of these little things are more fun than others. These little things come in so many colors and shapes.

Yay, Pills.

But you have to be careful, with all of the fancy shapes in colors are likely to mix up your regular pills with your PM pills and take a cough syrup, next thing you know, you’re trying to hold a serious conversation with the mom of a friend about a serious business deal while slowly slipping into a fog that looks a lot being high as a kite.

It could happen to you and when it does you have a few options on how to handle it. You can choose one or all but whatever you do don’t let this flub up go to waste.


You’re not expecting this sluggishness, the inability to retrieve words is kinds of frightening in and of itself. My first thought would be stroke. Maybe you’re not so awesome at overreacting. Either way you need to freak out. Flail, wail, and whimper.

If someone tries to comfort you, run. Just run away. If someone tries to catch you fall upon the ground, maybe roll around.

Go nuts. This is your time to show your ability to completely lose all semblance of composure. Just make sure there are witnesses. You will want someone to tell you about what you did later.

Have a chat with a cat

There is always a cat lurking when you’re messed up. I know because even while sober there are cats hiding around every corner.

Find one.

Talk to this cat. Tell it your hopes and dreams. Discuss your life plans. Maybe the cat can clear some things up for you. Maybe he’ll just yowl at you until you feed him. At the very least while you explain your thoughts on the major world religions to this cat, he’ll rub up on you until you are alive with static electricity.

Share your deepest concerns with friends

They don’t have to be close friends, just people you know.

Maybe your life has taken a tough turn, someone had cheated or someone has stolen and you need perspective. Unlike the cat this person who is your friend will be able to answer back with something constructive.

Maybe you need to listen to this person. When your fog lifts you may be better off.

At the very least your friend will have lovely story to share with all of your mutual friends.

Share your amorous feelings

You’re a little cuddly when you’re tired. Cuddle those around you.

Hug them, kiss them, hold their hands, caress their hair.

Because if you weren’t drawing stares already, you will be now.


Good luck.




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