The Art of Gift Giving 

‘Tis the season of competitive gift giving to celebrate a kid born in the spring a few millennia ago. You’re not the little drummer boy so the pressure is on, don’t crimp. There is a little guide below. Good luck.

Give them what you want 

It’s the golden rule of gift giving: give only what you would get for yourself. Doesn’t matter if you have horridly tacky taste or are cheap as hell, you really want that used Vera Bradley cross-body bag that everyone was so keen to carry five years ago, so get one for all of your friends. 

You’re super into Star Wars? Get everyone you know something to commemorate the new installation, maybe to insure that the figurines stay in mint condition you even offer to keep them safe…  

Whatever it is you’re into there is someone else who is into it as well so go crazy.

Give them what they got you last year

Would they have given you if they didn’t want it for themself? This is super handy if they have unique taste. 

Give them something from the Gifts for Men section 

Stores have little these sections around because men are just so hard to buy things for! Woe onto anyone who must purchase things for a man.

Anyhow, the men’s gift section is filled with boxes of ties and socks, manicure sets and dop kits. So many, fancy, manly gifts! But if ever the chance, go with the electronic personal massager, everyone needs an electronic personal massager.

Give them something homemade
If all else fails people love things you’ve taken time and effort to create, be it food or a hand drawn card. Go with your gut (hot chocolate mix is always a nice treat, put it in a festive mason jar and tie it with a ribbon) or your talent, whatever talent you can muster.

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