Driving During Peak Driving Days During Peak Driving Season 

Christmas just happened, which for many people meant packing their lives up and hauling their families a few hundred miles to sleep on a deflated air mattress for a few nights.

There is much to enjoyduring these trips, food, friends, some of the people in your family… But no one ever rejoices in the drive. Below are a few tips for making the next peak travel season a hair more bearable.

  1. Drive at night – Night driving has tons of advantages. The first of which is that no one else will be driving during the night, you’ll be able to fly to your destination without being held by fretting, lost people. It is also easier to share your displeasure with those drivers who insist on getting in your way, why else would your compensatory vehicle be equipped with a bright setting for your headlights? 
  2. Forget about routine maintenance – Headlights, windshield wipers, and wheels are all accessories. It doesn’t matter if they quit on you halfway to your destination because you can always just pull over and call a tow. Sure, you run a slightly higher risk of getting hit and killed by a passerby while standing next to a broken down car, but if someone else is dumb enough to hit you than its their problem, not yours.
  3. Text – It’s totes cool, you’re an excellent texter and an even better driver. If you are driving at night (and you should be because I told you to) make sure your screen is on its brightest setting, the brilliance will make the autocorrects easier to catch.

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