Good Smoking Habits

There arguably no such thing as a good habit when it comes to smoking but there are always ways to make your filthy addiction a little less isolating. 

It should be noted that I haven’t had a cigarette since that one time I eat into a bachelor party full of people from high school while on vacation with my family, I am a quitter. I’m super sorry to disappoint you this way, my advice today come nearly all from observation.

Also, don’t confuse this with a Vaper’s rights rant, because that is some straight up bullshit propagated by the parent company of a hugely famous tobacco company. 

Anyway, there is a right way to smoke and a wrong way. I want you to let me guide you down the right path…

Bum, don’t buy

Smoking has become isolating since the science has come out against it. If you are going to smoke don’t smoke alone. This is easiest to achieve if you never buy your own cigarettes. 

Bumming a cigarette is a forced social interaction. Maybe you’ll make a new friend! Or maybe you’ll just have a two minute back and forth before settling into isolating phone play. That’s two more minutes of human contact that having your own cigarettes would have robbed you of. 

Smoke away from doors 

Smoking near a doorway is just rude, and you don’t want to be that person. It’s December, so it’s cold and wet, maybe stand in the hallway of your apartment building, far from the door and far from your apartment.

If your hallway isn’t long enough for this, consider a stairwell, an elevator, or the laundry room. All of these options put you out of the way of the exits making you the polite as hell smoker you are in your heart.

Go fragrant 

No one, not even smokers, like the smell of a regular cigarettes. Maybe try menthols or clove cigarettes, maybe a cigarillo if you’re feeling fancy. The smoke smells better, and eliminated the need to hose down in Axe or Fabreeze before returning to pre-smokebreak engagements.

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