Suffering the Indignity of Unpaid Experience with Dignity

It happens, a lot these days, you graduate college and you look for a job and everyone wants to pay you basically minimum wage but only if you have experience (five or more is preferred). You have a few options when this happens, you can work retail, get into banking, or you can take another internship in hopes of impressing the pants off of someone important enough to want to hire you and has the ability to pay you enough to live in a two bedroom apartment with four or five other people.

If you go the route of internship you are living life rather than settling, pat yourself on the back. You’re going to be super broke from this three to six month stint but as a super broke person who has done her fair share of unpaid work I have a few tips to help you make it through.

  1. Be proud of your mode of transportation – I’m sorry that your daddy gave you his old car for graduation instead of getting you a brand spanking new ride. We’ve all been thrown curve balls like this in life and how we handle it is character building to say the least. If you’re driving a four year old Land Rover polish that bitch up and park it behind the office so no one smashes the windows while you are working, old cars are frequently targeted because their owners are less like to care, what’s another ding on your beater. You can always take an Uber (or a taxi if you can find one) have it let you off a block or two from the front door and walk in, let everyone think you are fit and environmentally conscious. No matter what your situation know that it’s temporary and you will survive this.
  2. Try happy hour – I know you’ve seen one on TV, but if you aren’t entirely aware, happy hour happens most evenings and is the time when you can find other paupers drinking and eating at respectable restaurants at a discount. The good news is you don’t need a coupon. (If you’re unsure about what a coupon is email me directly and I’ll explain what I’ve heard.) The bad news is the top shelf stuff isn’t usually included in the deal. Just try a drink, just once. You’ll understand.
  3. Take advantage of office lunches  – Buying food means going to the grocery store and knowing what to do with the food when it gets home. Someone else used to handle this part so you’ve been eating water crackers and cheese cubes out of desperation, rejoice in the days the office has lunch brought in. Praise the name of food prepared by someone who knows what they’re doing. 
  4. Get to know your boss – If your boss is a golfer set him and your dad up for a game (round?) at the club. Your dad can talk anyone into anything so you’ll hav a paying job in no time. If your boss is more the book club type, your weird sister Judith will take that date, she might be weird by she can still seal the deal. 

Look at you already taking the initiative research on my reputable blog. Go get ’em!

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