On Getting Your Nails Did 

Having a manicure is a luxery for a lot of people, so it’s a rare occurrence. The manicure is also so routine to some people that the rituals that go into the treat are assumed to be known. 

I want to help you with this supposed common knowledge, though you should be aware that what I have learned is purely done so through observation. 

Speak up

You need your nail technition to know exactly what you want, color, style, massage pressure. If you want something other than their default let them know, loudly. 

Chance are (at least where I live) your nail technition will be an immigrant, have an accent and possibly speak another language when talking to their coworkers. If you know anything at all about people who speak your native language second to their own you know that loud and slow is the way to go.

It’s like talking to a deaf person or a disobedient cat. Don’t yell but defiantly raise your voice. And if you need they to repeat themself, go with things like “What?” and shake your head in disgust, but only after they’ve repeated themself between three and seven times. 

Demand luxury the moment you into the salon

If you aren’t immediately offered a wine and cheese platter, or water, complain loudly. 

If you have to wait for someone to finish the person before you accost the technition waiting for their next appoint me to rerun from the restroom and demand that they start on you now. 

You paid at the beginning of your appointment as to save your new manicure the horror of reaching into your wallet, now demand the little extras that you didn’t pay for. You deserve a paraffin treatment.

Lay it on your tech

I bet you’ve got some issues to work out, maybe some home life drama, or maybe you need to tell someone about Brenda at work doing the nasty with Greg the custodian!

Your nail tech has nothing better to do than listen to you wax poetic about your Tinder profile and its success at getting your first dates but not seconds. Your nail tech will certainly have some advice, maybe shorter nails?

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