Midwinter Mood Boosters

Despite the bizzaro warm weather my region has experienced this winter, it’s bringing everyone down. Short days and illness keeps you on the couch wallowing in all the dead skin cells you’re softening body has sloughed off.

It’s okay, you are not alone. The sun will shine past 5:00 PM again eventually and you’re neighbors will stop frying everything. You will be able to air out the hamster cage that is your home, soon.

All these eventualities bring you hope, but there are ways to help boost your progressively waving mood now, find a few ideas below. 

Join a gym

There is something freeing about joining a gym, knowing that if you wanted to excercise you could. Think of all the people you could chat up between sets and all the miles you could log on your fancy running shoes. 

Having a gym membership is having all kinds of possibilities in front of you. Allow yourself those possibilities.

Cut your hair

It’s really hard to get Cheeto dust out from under your fingernails so start with something easier, do something drastic, chop off your luscious locks. 

If you are struggling for Pinspiration (is this a thing?) just grab the clippers from the bathroom cabinet and have a go. Any good hairdresser will be forced to put their best effort forward to fix the mess you’ve made, and you’ll end up with a stellar new look.

Buy a new outfit 

Maybe a new black dress to hide your holiday weight and emphasize how little sun you have been getting. 

Get a massage

You’ve spent the last few months hunches and huddled. Help straighten up with a good rub down. Bonus points if it ends happily. If you need a referral I know a guy who knows a place.

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