Dealing with the Death of a Celebrity 

This week has been one of great tragedy with the deaths of David Bowie, androgynous Pop god, and Alan Rickman, sexy voiced villain.

People have bombarded social media with tributes and memories of what these man have done for them just by existing. David Bowie opened doors for individuals to be themselves and Alan Rickman, and his voice, caused a stirring in the hearts of women everywhere, and if I’m being honest, trigger some interest in older men for me (no one should allow 14 year old girls to watch his movies, it just too much).

Despite never having met these men, their deaths have left holes in the lives of millions. So how do we cope with death of an abstraction, so close and unreachable? I’ll do my best.

Mourn openly

Mourn to the death of a celebrity, so near and dear, according to the customs of your religion. Wear black, cover the mirrors, drink bawdily, abstain for months at a time. Do what you have to do to feel this loss. Don’t let the criticism of others get to you, this is your grief. You would do the same for them if they died, probably. 

Seek comfort 

There are new celebrities being created everyday. No one will ever replace the previous celebrity but find someone to pin your hopes and dreams on. You need to redo your dream boards and your Google alerts. You can spend your time doing biological research and commenting on gossip about the new object of your affection.

Distract yourself 

Find a new, real, inappropriate object of covet. If the person you pine after is slightly more attainable than the celebrity who has passed the thrill of obsession will be that much more exciting. 

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