Living on the Edge

Snow fell today. Snow is a funny beast, it brings a sparkle to the eye of young and old alike, makes people crazy as well. Crazy fun.

People drive crazy bad and slide down ice covered hills on purpose. They throw homemade projectiles at each other for kicks and they wear cotton that gets soaked through and causes hypothermia.

Snow has been infrequent this winter so people are itching for a bit of edginess. Below are a few ways to ramp up the excitement in your life.

  1. Wear mismatched foundation garments – Victoria’s Secret is that she is coordinated out of fear of not getting any. Victoria needs to lighten the fuck up and put on her workout panties and her laundry day bra and see what goes down. 
  2. Go black and brown – when you are putting on your makeup just go with the first mascara and liner that you grab. No one will notice if you have brown lines and black lashes and they defiantly won’t notice the lashes are brown and the lines are black.
  3. Lick the beaters – you’re probably not going to get salmonella, probably.
  4. Walk the road less traveled – and by that I mean on the road. Sidewalks are not edgy. 

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