Beginning a Business 

 Having recently been informed by the local authorities that it is not illegal to solicit or pay for hand jobs (or foot jobs because that was the basis of the case in question) a business opportunity has fallen into my lap. My long standing 4th (or 5th?) job of giving halfassed handies in parks and … Continue reading Beginning a Business 

Professionalism: A Guide for Independent Women

If you have a drawer full of pantyhose, complain about morning traffic and have a coffee joint that knows what you want when you walk in the door, you are probably a strong, independent woman with a serious job (why the hell else are you collecting pantyhose?).  Hell, I bet you're even the kind of … Continue reading Professionalism: A Guide for Independent Women

Filing a Proper Complaint

I've written about customer service before, but I've never guided you through making a proper customer service complaint. I want to do that for you today. Not because every mildly annoying situation calls for a formal complaint, but one day some sales associate at your favorite outlet mall will tell you she's going to the … Continue reading Filing a Proper Complaint

Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

I know you've tried, at some point, to whisper filthy nothings into the ears of a lover. I know that at least once those filthy nothings have fallen flat, possibly because you were banging a dud, but most likely it's because you don't know how to talk to people in general. Plus you got nervous … Continue reading Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

The Bystander Effect: A Guide to Effective Ignoring

At some point you will be somewhere at the wrong time and you will witness someone in need of aid, if you don't, especially with as vague as I've made this scenario, you need to 1. get out more and 2. look around more.  When this happens you need to be like everyone else, don't … Continue reading The Bystander Effect: A Guide to Effective Ignoring