Professionalism: A Guide for Independent Women

If you have a drawer full of pantyhose, complain about morning traffic and have a coffee joint that knows what you want when you walk in the door, you are probably a strong, independent woman with a serious job (why the hell else are you collecting pantyhose?). 

Hell, I bet you’re even the kind of woman who doesn’t even use Tinder, you just meet people.

You are intelligent and crazy good at your job. You crush the souls of your coworkers and you could probably pull off a dress with a peplum. 

With all this attitude and ambition you may think you are on track for professional success, and you may be, if you only work with women who are also of a similar temperament, or you have a woman’s job*. If you encounter men in your profession a guide to behavior becoming of your femininity and skill set.


The key to a good business is that the solicited party feels wanted. Flirting accomplishes a basis of just that. 

Flirting is also the most powerful to in your kit, you can bend the will of nearly any man if you can do that coy blinking thing that moves them so.

You have goals to make, blink your heart out.

Keep quiet 

As a business woman you should know that your male counterparts require deference in dealings. If you ask too many questions or use logic (or worse, specific knowledge) while negotiating terms, they’ll grow tired and move on to more accommodating associates.

Be a shrinking violet 

Generally speaking, men are bigger and stronger than you. You must keep this in mind to avoid offending whom ever you are dealing with. If a potential client asks for something, acquiesce. If this business deal requires a bend in the rules, get the nearest man, subordinate or superior, to explain what exceptions can be made under the circumstances. 

Play dumb 

If things turn south for any reason you alway have this one last card to play. Apologize profusely for you ignorance, after all you are just a silly girl, someone else can surely help!

*You know the sort, nurse, teacher, bank teller, washer woman, wet nurse.

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