Beginning a Business 

 Having recently been informed by the local authorities that it is not illegal to solicit or pay for hand jobs (or foot jobs because that was the basis of the case in question) a business opportunity has fallen into my lap.

My long standing 4th (or 5th?) job of giving halfassed handies in parks and back allies is being legitimized. 

You may scoff but based on the general interest people have in getting gotten off my business partners and I are vigorously rubbing out a plan to get this thing up.

Maybe you have a great business idea, you just don’t know where to start. Let me guide you as you become an entrepreneur. For simplicity I shall be using my start up as an example.

Use your head

You need a solid business plan to guide you as you venture into self-employment. You need to study the market, find a client base and go get them to come to you.

Differentiation is key. You’ll need a clever name, The Jack Shack (seriously, puns and innuendo go for miles). And an enticing product, $2 handies with a sorid menu of add-ons (if you miss with the name the product needs to speak for itself, even a strip club called Bare Exposure [yeah, those words are synonyms] will get you to drop a few dollars. 

Basically, if you can’t make a splash, you’re goose is cooked.*

Use your hands
Don’t be afraid of a little hard work. Nothing worth building is ever completed without some elbow grease and a spit shine. 

Make your life easier, though, your product is dependent on the quality of its ingredients, or in my case talents. Don’t cut corners to cut costs, instead make it worth the price of admission, even if it’s a little harder in the beginning. 

Use your mouth 

Tell everyone about your business. Invite the barista to come enjoy your location. Give the cop who caught you speeding a coupon. Put up flyers at your barber shop.

Just get the word out.

 Maybe offer a refer a friend bonus or a little freeby (eye contact?) when the customer uses a secret password. 

Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Snap story the pants of your workday. 
*I feel it is necessary to apologize for the horrible mixed metaphor. So sorry. 

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