On Tits

Today, we shall discuss ornithology, the zoological study of birds.  A tit is a small bird from the family   Paridae. Tits are common in North America, Europe, Asia and a large portion of Africa. Their name common is derived from their diminutive size.  And I've lost you... You want to read about breasts and … Continue reading On Tits

Ending It

It took me almost an entire year but I think I've finally been saddled with enough bollocks to call it quits. I would have thought that this decision would have been more dramatic and, if the movies were even remotely close to true, I would need infinitely more ice cream (I went with wine, chocolate, … Continue reading Ending It

Tolerance in the Workplace: A Guide to Coping with Coworkers 

Most working people have jobs that force them to interact with the same handful of people for about 40 hours a week. Unless you are one of the very few lucky, possibly delusional people, that enjoys their coworkers you spend at least 36 of your weekly working hours hating the people you are collaborating with. … Continue reading Tolerance in the Workplace: A Guide to Coping with Coworkers 

Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dropped a pin (a location on a map on your smartphone, sent to someone via text for those who are not smartphone users) while out and about prompting the recipient of that pin to call to check in on you. With rapidly updating mobile technology it's … Continue reading Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

Reducing the Risk of Repeat Wardrobe Malfunction

As a professional I am supposed to dress a certain way. As a lazy professional, that means I pretty much never wear pants. If celebrities are any indication of the problems that dresses pose when it comes to covering the fun stuff, you can guess that I suffer the occasional bits mishap. I'm not alone … Continue reading Reducing the Risk of Repeat Wardrobe Malfunction

Responding to Unsolicited Dick Pics

This morning one of my friends reported that she had received a dick pic from a guy who she had been talking to. This happened after she had met his serious girlfriend at a party.  Despite it being fairly universally agreed upon that unsolicited dick pics are a no-no, the occasional man gets bold and … Continue reading Responding to Unsolicited Dick Pics