Losing Gracefully 

I’m going to tell you honestly that I am a sore loser. I am bananas about coming in second, despite a frequent silver medal showing. 

This poor showing gives me ample insight into how to teach you do lose (those who can’t, teach, and whatnot).

Shake the hand of the victor

Nothing appears more graceful than a heartfelt handshake and a congratulatory smile. So beam broadly and use a firm grip. 

If there is applause take the opportunity to say a few words, “congratulations” works, but you could always go with, “next year this trophy is mine you dick eating mother lover”. If you choose the latter maintain your smile. 

Run the numbers

If the aware you placed as runner up for is based on preformance numbers, double check the math. You never know what can motivate you to do better next time. 

Play with the numbers a little, see what kind of manipulation it would take to make you the winner given your preformance verses the  preformance of your competitors. Once you’ve found the correct scenario, now matter how obscure, rail against the original criteria. This is personal now.

Use this loss as motivation 

To sabotage the winner in any future endeavors. 

It could be possible to use this loss as motivation to better yourself, but honestly, if you’re reading my blog and coming in second place, there isn’t that much hope for you.

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