Navigating a Love Triangle 

Sometimes you fall in love with someone and they fall in love with you and you get married and have babies and live happily ever after. 

Sometimes, because you don’t live in a Disney-ized version of reality, you fall in love with a someone and they love someone else and this third party is in love with you and you spend most everyday as a gay* little trio. 

The latter scenario can be exciting and taxing, because love is exciting and taxing, and more love is more exciting and more taxing and if you don’t get where I’m going you should probably join a LARPing group and figure it out. 

But if you are stuck in an existing triangle let me help make the most of it. Below are a few tips.

Bang it out

I’m talking all three of you all at once. The chemistry obviously exists or else you wouldn’t be so very mixed up. You’ll be given some insight into where affections truly lie when everyone is out of their pants, and if your heart ends up broken then at the very least you have a good story and a reason to get tested. 

If one or more parties emphatically declines such an encounter you know that despite being dually attached you know that they’re probably driven by the  “extra” in their coupling. Cut that point loose.

Play the plane

Sports have fields, geometry has planes. 

If you are into two people you should try out both people as long as everyone is on board. (Side note: if your triaggle shrinks to a couple go ahead and let the third party know so everyone can live their lives.)

Maybe you get different things from the various people involved, great, wonderful you are the first fully satisfied human on Earth and the rest of us are green with envy. 

Talk it out

Seriously, secrets aren’t going to work in this situation. If you want to make this work you need to have a serious chat regarding expectations and boundaries. If someone is willing to bare all with you you need to be at least forthright enough to explain why you are unwilling to reciprocate. 

I feel like these chats should be done fully clothed. I can assure you no one likes nuding up and being told by someone in layers that they are on a different page. 
Good luck.

*Gay as in happy. Calm your tits about my diction. 

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