Happy Hour Behavior

When your team needs some building you need to go with the coworkers and do what the group likes best, which if you are a teacher, banker, medical professional, student, food services work, or artist, is probably drinking discounted drinks.

Pick a day, pick a place, download Uber and go for drinks. It’s pretty simple until happy hour has ended and you’re not ready to stop discussing the tight asses of the cougars’ boyfriends and how that makes everyone feel. That’s about the point in the evening where you need to refocus, and work toward behaving appropriately.

A few tips for drunk you to keep in mind can be found below.

Know your company’s policies

Social media, fraternization, alcohol and networking, just the basics. If you know that after your first drink you’ll be nuzzling the nearest supervisor, be aware of how that could affect your job tomorrow. And if pictures of the aforementioned affection make it on the company Facebook page, well, that’s potentially not great, unless you necked with the CEO, then you might get a raise, or unlimited access to the offices sex shower.

Know your company’s policies

Are you coworkers married? Are their relationships monogamous or open? How far will they take the joke, that kind of thing. If you don’t know where their boundaries are then you don’t know how to test those boundaries. Happy hour isn’t about laughing at your dumb clients, its about getting to know your coworkers.

Remember the office gossip 

You know who this person is (Hi guys!) and yet you have no problem spilling in front of her (him?). You should probably not do anything that they could chat about until they are in a state that will require state-dependent recall for access. You’re screwed for future happy hours but around the office you’re in the clear.

Remember the office gossip

Once the office gossip (the person) has been incapacitated by drink take notes. As the vault that you are you will keep everyone’s secrets, until they don’t keep yours. If your business becomes everyone’s business you have the ammo to take them down.

Or you can just post insanely unflattering photos on the social media, that works too.


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