Left Behind: Surviving Being Ghosted 

Ghosting: the practice of ending a thing (relationship, situation, mommy group, UN sanctioned peace talks, etc.) by simply ceasing all forms of communication. 

Ghosting leaves one party exposed and the other smug with power. I’m not a fan of involuntarily unbalanced power dynamics in any situation, and you, as my reader, shouldn’t be either. 

To the ghosted, I say, take back the power! If you need ideas, they can be found below.

Change it up

After you’ve had your heart broken, your will to live wrung out of you, and all of the self-esteem you had built by following your trusted life coach ripped away, you need to reevaluate and make the necessary changes to prevent such an occurrence from occurring again, in the future. 

Maybe grow a mustache or get a boob job. Try drastic weight loss or a Brazilian wax (is that how you say that? I am a fish out of water here). Have your teeth straightened and whitened, your lashes lengthened, your tattoos removed (then get better ones).

Do what you need to make you better, embody the person the ghoster was looking for.

Get back out there 

The Internet is a big place, build a new profile (different username, pictures, and words) and watch them come running to the new you. 

When you start chatting with these new folks, share your scorn for the silent way out. Share with them the hurt you have suffered. 

Make them build you back up.

Get a new number

If you are worried that your number has been blocked get a new one. Get a Google number, or something like that, to mask your existing number.

Maintain contact. Eventually they’ll come around. 

Persistence always pays off. 

Be the bigger person 

If you are like me, and live in a smaller city running into the ghost when you stakeout their apartment or start frequenting their favorite bars is inevitable.

All you need to do when you see them is turn on the charm, but only acknowledge them with a pleasant hello. They’ll want to talk to you after passing you outside their building for the twelfth time in a week, I can guarantee it.
Good luck.  

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