New Job, New You: A Guide to Making your Best First Impression

Somehow your resume past the general inevitability testing that HR put it though and you didn’t vomit during your interview. Congrats, you got the job!

No time to review the job description or benefits package. Go out and by yourself a new wardrobe with the money you haven’t earned yet, might I suggest a sweater vest or two?

You have to make a good first impression, and while the sweater vest is a super awesome, there may be a few more things to make sure you start in the good graces the new team and the powers that be. Find my go-tos below.


On your first day, your boss is going to probably sit you down and give you a little “welcome” talk. During this across the desk chat you should start with a little eye contact. Active listening is key, nodding and rolling your eyes when they make points they think are important, you know, team-y, mission-y bullshit.

Ask Questions

As the new guy no one expects you to know everything, you are using new programs (that your resume claimed expertise in) and are working with policies that are new to you.

Don’t be shy, ask questions.

So what if you ask the same question thirteen times in one day, in writing, no on expects you to read anything while you’re new. Reading is something that will come with time.

Offer a Call Back

Look, clients are sympathetic to newness, and you can milk that for a long while. The easiest way to get old people off your back is to tell them you’re new, you’ll figure out what’s going on and then give them a call. They’re old, they won’t remember that they spoke to you or that you were going to call them.


You’ve been shoving all kinds of new information into your brain box for like a week, you need a vacation, take a day off, or two. You don’t want to get overwhelmed. And the folks you work with were handling everything before you were hired so it’s not like you taking some time off won’t hurt then in anyway.


Good luck. And again, congrats!

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