Goooooaaal: How to Appropriately Gloat about Achievement

The other day a friend (?) walked into my office and introduced me to his partner. He said, “This is Megan, she’s… a very interesting person.”

In that moment I achieved my life goal, and I’m not even 30.

Suck it!

But seriously, I’m super-duper enthused about making my own dreams come true. It may mean that I have to adjust my app dating scheme and sort of deaden my approach to interviews, but now that I’ve triumphed over an abstraction I can help you.

No, not achieving your own goals, I don’t have time for that today (try sexually harassing cops, worked for me). I’m going to help you manage your achievement, if you ever get there.


Ok, I tried.

Good luck. You can do it!

Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

I hit the mother-fucking moon, before 30… so there is that.

And if you can’t guess what my life goal was I’ll tell you, but you can’t use it for yourself. My life goal: to be considered interesting by other people.

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