Accepting Failure

Most days I would describe myself as fairly successful. I reached the glass ceiling in my industry at 28*, but I'm out there presenting unplanned presentations trying to not get cut in the process. My struggle is not singular. I'm one of many who have been successful, to a point, and are baffled at what … Continue reading Accepting Failure


Online Dating at its Best

Last night I won the award for "Online Dating at its Best"! I didn't even know I was nominated but I won. It's like the Emmy's but in Pringle crumb covered sweatpants (just kidding, you guys, I don't own sweatpants). I know not everyone can be a winner but I want to help those of … Continue reading Online Dating at its Best

How to Cater a Women’s Luncheon

I'm lucky enough to work in an industry where women know their place and are thankful for all the opportunities afforded to them by the handsy dudes on the top floor. I am fortunate enough to work for a company who respects and supports women in the work place. You guys, we have one lady … Continue reading How to Cater a Women’s Luncheon