Money: the Root of all Evil and the Ticket to Happiness

A year ago my nearly 10 year old Acer, purchased at Costco post college, saved its operating system to a disk I had forgotten in the CD drive for years, rendering it dead and all files gone with it.

Six months ago, the transmission of my 2009 Nissan Versa, purchased 59 months prior, gave up the ghost.

Yesterday, the home button on my iPhone SE, purchased 20 months ago, shit the bed.

I know you are reading over my list of tragedies you’re thinking: Oh wow! This lady is complaining about her nice things, poor her!

And you’re right, I have a computer, a car, and a fancy smart phone*. I live large and outside of my means like every other American.

I, personally, as one person, make more than than the median US household income (I’m also my entire household so it’s fair). Now you’re asking how I can spend sooo much money on just lil ol’ me and that’s fair, but I’m saving the “I write a blog read by nine people and make $x a year and this is how I spend my money” post for a later date (but it’s coming, because I want to impress all nine if you!).

I do not have advice today. I will not guide you, yet, into how to spend your hard earned  dollar dollar bills, y’all. Instead, you will have to stay tuned. I shall have a short series of financial literacy posts, one of which will be how I spend my money so you can see how the other half lives.

*It’s rose gold, but you wouldn’t know if you saw because of the fancy $6 case that I use to weigh it down. Fun fact: A heavy phone is an excellent weapon against overly friendly foxes in your neighborhood.

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