Money as Evil

Money- or love of it according to 1 Timothy– is the root of all evil*.

Money has played heavily on my mind lately because I was just passed up for a job after a first interview that ended with me being asked about a salary range. This job was a bit of a dream, pared down to fit my experience, it wasn’t something I was looking for, but it was the something I wanted deep in my guts.

This isn’t a pity post.

This is about how intensely negative the pursuit of a sustainable income can be. The cycle of more begets the need for more, which creates anger and negativity. People divorce over money. People die for money. And you’re thinking of “donating” your eggs for a few extra dollars despite the fact that it can drive you mad because its worth it.

I can’t tell you where the line is when it comes doing bad things money, but I can tell you about all the things I’ve done for money. Just, please don’t tell the police, I definitely don’t have bail money.


College harm done only to me, I think, but I did it twice, because I am glutton for punishment. I know you’ve heard good things about education, it can pull people from poverty, it can expand minds, its a vehicle for innovation, etc. But education also gives you a glimpse of futures that you will never achieve. It’s exactly like putting a heavy chair right next to your bedroom door so that you can stub your toe in the dark.


Travel is expensive, but fun. You get to see new things, eat new foods, get sunburn in new places. You save up every year to live your best life for five or ten tens, then one year your car breaks down, or your AC crapped out permanently and you had to get a new one, and suddenly the only travel you can afford is to the local Y to rest by the overcrowded pool. The kids there, they’re happy that they’ve made it to the pool. But you know better because your passport is filled with stamps. You can’t come back from that. Travel is a door that can’t be closed.

Giving to Charity

Giving to others is great, it helps people, animals, plants (depending on which charity you’re giving to). You are improving the world, sort of. But can you pay your rent, and buy ice cream, and buy something on Amazon so frequently that you always having something waiting you when you get home- probably not.

*Don’t get used to me doing the Bible quotes.

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