Ruining Christmas and Other Jolly Holiday Activities for You and Your Friends

It is smack-dab in the of December, there is a chill in the air, the menorah and the Christmas tree are glowing in the center of town and I have spent so much money at the craft store that they gave me a free glittery wreath/candle holder that is awkwardly too small to be a centerpiece on my kitchen table and too large to convince my neighbors that a magical bird has nested in the bush next to their balcony.

Maybe you’re old and tired and don’t feel like decorating for yourself, or maybe you’re looking for an excuse to get out with friends and family but don’t want to go to the same tired bar where the bartenders dress in ugly sweaters for adults in footed pajamas. Not every moment is going to be glitter and hot chocolate parties in the breakroom, but you can get festive all the same.

My focus is Christmas because of its wonderfully secular nature, celebrating the birth of Rudolph and the end of bullying (or a temporary cease fire, if you will) while singing along with Yukon Cornelius. But if you are more religious you are welcome to adapt my ideas for your high holiday.

Shop ’til you drop

‘Tis the season to spend and splurge. While you’re out buzzing from shop to shop make sure that you have enough funds to make your family and friends excited to open the presents you’ve stashed under the tree. If you’re budget is tight this year, don’t shed a tear, credit card fraud is easy to perpetrate and almost as easy to get away with. Just steer clear of granny’s card, she’ll be returning that cashmere scarf you bought her and hiring lawyer to change her will.

Rub, rub Rudolph

The holidays can be so stressful, a literal headache even. Treating yourself to a spa treatment or a massage can only end one way: happily.

Wake and bake

There is nothing better than achieving something first thing in the morning, try fresh cinnamon rolls or sugar cookies to make your house warm and fragrant. If there are any treats left over after a mid-morning munch spread the joy to your friends and by packing the morsels in cute boxes and tins. If you’re not the box and tin type a little ziplock baggy will do the trick just fine.

Send notes of thanks

While we celebrate Christmas, we get so wrapped up in the “me” of it all, we forget about others. Take the time to spread cheer to those around you. A friend recently received such a note, one worth sharing below,  and their day brightened like the star in the sky.

Please send me an email to tell me that [redacted] is working as soon as possible. You ruined the first day of Christmas vacation, I hope you do not do the same to the next.

If you don’t know of anyone deserving of such joy, go ahead and share with any person you encounter, I’m sure the person behind the cash register at the mall will be delighted to receive your message with warmth.

Please feel free to add your own season-brightening ideas in the comments!



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