Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

On March 8th I went home on my lunch break and took a full hour nap. On a March 10th my throat burned when I breathed, and I started coughing. The cough was deep, and felt like your knees do when you fall and scrape them on cement. I worked the full day used the … Continue reading Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

Facebook Ads in the Time of COVID

I’m not a huge fan of Facebook, it’s filled with things like my mom’s former coworkers posting confusingly sourced, rage filled anti-hippie nonsense and my former coworkers requesting civility in Jesus’s name while posting “informal polls” that could insight violence, if not for the incantation. It’s a great place to find things to spend money … Continue reading Facebook Ads in the Time of COVID

Things It’s Okay to Cry About In Isolation

In real life, I’m a stone cold emotionally constipated bitch. This is a fact that I’ve known for a long time and sadly I haven’t the wherewithal nor the disposable income to fix this (thanks Sallie Mae). We’re in unprecedented times, which I think, given what I’ve seen in the traditional and social medias, is … Continue reading Things It’s Okay to Cry About In Isolation