The Art of Apology

Once upon a time, I was awaken by a text at 1:30 AM, this was no ordinary late night text, it was a call to arms over a friendship. Wake and fight or sleep and let 10 years go. I chose the latter (though if I'm being honest I didn't sleep and I didn't let … Continue reading The Art of Apology

Paying For It

Look, I know that you are far too classy to straight up pay for sex, even if it is only $8. I know that you are one smooth mother-lover and can get it on you own. Your Black Card and standing reservation at Morton's Steakhouse are good at picking up where your personality falls short. Or … Continue reading Paying For It

Garçon!: Making the Most of a Meal Out

I eat out way too frequently, and as such, am an expert in how to treat waitstaff. And I know, this is going to vary for the international readers, especially when it comes to the whole tipping thing, but bear with me. Treating waiters well is the key to a stellar dining experience. They control the … Continue reading Garçon!: Making the Most of a Meal Out

Family Vacation: A Guide to Enjoying the Poeple that You are Forced to Love

This afternoon I got in the car and drove to the beach for the weekend. I was greeted by my slightly more sober sister and checked into the hotel before heading to the bar to meet my other sister and my mother, who were already knee deep in stolen cups.  Everyone's family does it differently, … Continue reading Family Vacation: A Guide to Enjoying the Poeple that You are Forced to Love

Left Behind: Surviving Being Ghosted 

Ghosting: the practice of ending a thing (relationship, situation, mommy group, UN sanctioned peace talks, etc.) by simply ceasing all forms of communication.  Ghosting leaves one party exposed and the other smug with power. I'm not a fan of involuntarily unbalanced power dynamics in any situation, and you, as my reader, shouldn't be either.  To … Continue reading Left Behind: Surviving Being Ghosted