Money as Evil

Money- or love of it according to 1 Timothy- is the root of all evil*. Money has played heavily on my mind lately because I was just passed up for a job after a first interview that ended with me being asked about a salary range. This job was a bit of a dream, pared … Continue reading Money as Evil


How to Buy Happiness

If you Google "how to buy happiness" you have to bypass "how to buy Hamilton tickets" which could be the same thing (I wouldn't know, I haven't seen Hamilton) and then it's all Ted Talks and articles in smart publications. And it's all well and good, charity and selflessness, experiences and what not. You could see … Continue reading How to Buy Happiness

Money: the Root of all Evil and the Ticket to Happiness

A year ago my nearly 10 year old Acer, purchased at Costco post college, saved its operating system to a disk I had forgotten in the CD drive for years, rendering it dead and all files gone with it. Six months ago, the transmission of my 2009 Nissan Versa, purchased 59 months prior, gave up … Continue reading Money: the Root of all Evil and the Ticket to Happiness

How to Cater a Women’s Luncheon

I'm lucky enough to work in an industry where women know their place and are thankful for all the opportunities afforded to them by the handsy dudes on the top floor. I am fortunate enough to work for a company who respects and supports women in the work place. You guys, we have one lady … Continue reading How to Cater a Women’s Luncheon

How to Handle a Medical Emergency in Heels

I haven't been writing lately, instead I have been sitting on my balcony staring at the sky in the evenings wondering how I survived the last year, it was mostly shit, and after sudden move things are ok, mostly (I did accidentally open porn on my phone at my new job that one time, and … Continue reading How to Handle a Medical Emergency in Heels