The Art of Making Plans

I'd bet you cash money that at some point in the last month you have tried to make plans to go and do something with a group of people. I'd be willing to throw down más dinero that the experience was a total clusterfuck. (Sorry, I got sidetracked by the origins of that word...) There … Continue reading The Art of Making Plans

Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them

Remember when you were seven and you joined forces with your grandma to bully your mother into letting you get your ears pierced? I do, or I remember my mom's retellings. I also, twenty-ish years later, don't wear earrings particularly often. Don't be like me, don't break your mother's heart, wear earrings. If you need … Continue reading Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them

Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants

I am a woman of marrying age. I am single. In some circles, including but not limited to the produce department of the finer grocery chains, I am past my best-by date. This is something of my choosing, spinsterhood. Unlike being an old maid, being a spinster doesn't carry the weight of viginity with it. … Continue reading Spinsterhood of the Traveling Pants