Accepting Failure

Most days I would describe myself as fairly successful. I reached the glass ceiling in my industry at 28*, but I'm out there presenting unplanned presentations trying to not get cut in the process. My struggle is not singular. I'm one of many who have been successful, to a point, and are baffled at what … Continue reading Accepting Failure

How to Marry a Doctor 

Being a successful adult is tough, you have to work hard, know the right people, and go to work frequently. Maybe you thought you could do it and now, at 25, are discovering that you're not even cut out to do anything beyond answering someone more important's phone.  Don't worry, you're not just a millennial … Continue reading How to Marry a Doctor 

Filing a Proper Complaint

I've written about customer service before, but I've never guided you through making a proper customer service complaint. I want to do that for you today. Not because every mildly annoying situation calls for a formal complaint, but one day some sales associate at your favorite outlet mall will tell you she's going to the … Continue reading Filing a Proper Complaint