On Condoms

Dating can be rough, you have to worry about married men*, date rape (do they call it that these days? I'm getting old and am not keeping up with the terminology), and murder, successful or otherwise.  There are also general freaks and weirdos to watch out for. Once you meet a nice person who buys … Continue reading On Condoms


 An End to Swiping

We've (and I am guilty of this) gotten so that we rely heavily on right swipes to find love, and/or sex. Swiping is sterile, conversations are edited to make us seem more appealing than we truly are, and while most people get lucky occasionally, maybe we should go back to being ourselves and meeting people … Continue reading  An End to Swiping

Consequences of Your Actions: Adjusting to the New Order of Reproductive Rights

My local paper ran an article today about a bill that is advancing in the state legislature. This bill, if passed would designate January 22nd as the "Day of Tears". January 22nd is the date in which the Roe v. Wade decision passed down from the Supreme Court. The "Day of Tears" would be a … Continue reading Consequences of Your Actions: Adjusting to the New Order of Reproductive Rights

A Guide to Proper Condom Disposal 

I'm happy to see that so many people in my neighborhood practice safe sex and that nearly all of these practitioners are so very well endowed (you never know when you might be feeling lonely and need the company of a man who can tear through an extra large condom!). Because I'm not peeping in … Continue reading A Guide to Proper Condom Disposal 

How to Live Without Insurance 

I don't know how people functioned back when you had to pay out of pocket for the doctor who came to the aid of Little Jimmy, frail from the consumption. I get the feeling that car insurance, health insurance, bundled homeowners policies and the rest are new on the scene. And they are crippling the … Continue reading How to Live Without Insurance