Choosing your Plus One

As May rolls in, wedding season is upon us, once again.  This joyous time of year is filled with poor decisions, too much money spent on new outfits, new shoes, andthe best of the best gifts for the happy couple, hooking up with questionably attractive attendees, and maybe a trip to the emergency room for … Continue reading Choosing your Plus One

Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has dropped a pin (a location on a map on your smartphone, sent to someone via text for those who are not smartphone users) while out and about prompting the recipient of that pin to call to check in on you. With rapidly updating mobile technology it's … Continue reading Distress Calls in a Technology Driven Era

Don’t Let “No” Stop You

Dating is tough, especially if you are scared of what people on the Internet will do to you. You interact with tons of humans on a daily basis, choose one and make them your own. Please find a few tricks to wooing another human below. Demean their job Chances are you've chosen a waitress, barista, … Continue reading Don’t Let “No” Stop You