Heartbreak Renewed: Dealing with the an Ex Moving On

Since the advent of the social media, our lord and savior, we’ve had the joy of keeping track of everything from the comfort of our asses. We no longer need high school reunions to find out who has done who and how the ambitious of the teenaged set have faired as adults. We’ve used to … Continue reading Heartbreak Renewed: Dealing with the an Ex Moving On

On Condoms

Dating can be rough, you have to worry about married men*, date rape (do they call it that these days? I'm getting old and am not keeping up with the terminology), and murder, successful or otherwise.  There are also general freaks and weirdos to watch out for. Once you meet a nice person who buys … Continue reading On Condoms

Deafening Silence: a Translation

I've been known to abort a pregnant pauses. I've skipped doses while administering the silent treatment. No lie, I've been chattering refuge for a priest on silent retreat. My incessant noise exists to prevent introspection (though I'm sure some coworkers think I blather on to motivate them to be busy enough to ignore me). And … Continue reading Deafening Silence: a Translation

Cross contamination: a Guide to Allergic Dating

I may or may have mentioned in passing here that I'm one of those peopled blessed with allergies. Food allergies, though not my most fun allergies, do create a bit of excitement when out with a new suitor.  And boy, when that suitor is also an allergic, there just aren't words! At this point you're … Continue reading Cross contamination: a Guide to Allergic Dating