Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

On March 8th I went home on my lunch break and took a full hour nap. On a March 10th my throat burned when I breathed, and I started coughing. The cough was deep, and felt like your knees do when you fall and scrape them on cement. I worked the full day used the … Continue reading Diagnosis: A Mild Hoax

Oh Death: An Attempt at Enjoying a Passing

I have written about brushes with death,  I have written in memoriam of a good friend, I have even tackled the horrifying event that is the death of a beloved celebrity and yet I have never addressed death head on. Let us, on this beautiful today, discuss the end of life. There are as many rituals with … Continue reading Oh Death: An Attempt at Enjoying a Passing

Scrambling the Egg on Your Face

You've pocket dials someone while tinkling? Flashed the entire office your business? Drunk dialed that person you're in love with but is married? You sweat through your shirt at an interview? Opened a PowerPoint presentation with some other tab open for all to see? You were caught at the peak of pleasure with a q-tip in … Continue reading Scrambling the Egg on Your Face

Surviving the Carcinogenic Apocalyse

Today the world was brought to it's knees by the World Health Organization's report on processed meats. Just as we're figuring it how to work the blessed manna into our gut busting post-workout snacky-poo a reputable source goes and fucks everything up. That isn't the only cancer inducing nightmare that has popped up this week either. … Continue reading Surviving the Carcinogenic Apocalyse