Ghosts of Tinder Past

We've all been there. Thanksgiving has come and gone. Aunt Marge has bullied you about your weight. Uncle Frank has announced that its ok by him that you're "one of the gays" because that's the only reason you could possibly be single at your age. Your pants are a little tighter than they were in … Continue reading Ghosts of Tinder Past

Turning a Side Thing into a Real Thing 

One day, in the dappled sunlight of a winter's afternoon, your lover twisted in your sheets, it hits you: you could own this. You could make this person more than just a roll in the hay during long lunches and late night yearnings. They could be fill the void in your life, not just play … Continue reading Turning a Side Thing into a Real Thing 

Responding to Unsolicited Dick Pics

This morning one of my friends reported that she had received a dick pic from a guy who she had been talking to. This happened after she had met his serious girlfriend at a party.  Despite it being fairly universally agreed upon that unsolicited dick pics are a no-no, the occasional man gets bold and … Continue reading Responding to Unsolicited Dick Pics

Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

I know you've tried, at some point, to whisper filthy nothings into the ears of a lover. I know that at least once those filthy nothings have fallen flat, possibly because you were banging a dud, but most likely it's because you don't know how to talk to people in general. Plus you got nervous … Continue reading Heavy Texting: A Guide to Sexting

Handling Unsolicited Pussy Pics

You may be asking yourself, why would I not address unsolicited dick pics? Well, gentle readers, that's a boring topic. Seriously, if you are sending randos (or even not so randos, really) pictures of your penis and the receiver has not asked for them, then you need to rethink your entire relationship with said penis. … Continue reading Handling Unsolicited Pussy Pics