Be Agressive, B-E Agressive 

I was at my work computer recently, railing against The Man, and I came across an article about the gender differences in preformance reviews and was struck dumb. I giggled like a maniac while sending highlighted sections and a link to my bosses and a male coworker who would also get a kick out of it. … Continue reading Be Agressive, B-E Agressive 

Faking Fitness

I live in a very fit city. There are bike lanes and running paths and races every weekend. The park under my windows is home to adult football and kickball leagues. I utilize the paths nearly daily and am constantly being passed by people who aren't even breathing heavy on their 18th mile. I cannot … Continue reading Faking Fitness

Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them

Remember when you were seven and you joined forces with your grandma to bully your mother into letting you get your ears pierced? I do, or I remember my mom's retellings. I also, twenty-ish years later, don't wear earrings particularly often. Don't be like me, don't break your mother's heart, wear earrings. If you need … Continue reading Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them