The Healing Power of Touch

One of the greatest pleasures of adulthood is having the autonomy to spend your money as you see fit. This past years’s isolation led many people, including myself, to examine where the line of their wants and needs converges, and then buy the shit out of everything they could possibly want. Peloton had a banner … Continue reading The Healing Power of Touch

A Practical Guide to Job Satisfaction

They say you should "work to live, not live to work" and "do something that you love, you'll never work a day in your life", and then they call their guy at The Trust Company and poof the rent is paid, and on time to boot! Unless you have a place quaint enough place to … Continue reading A Practical Guide to Job Satisfaction

The Dangers of Popping Pills

So, there are these little things that everyone takes and I've written about previously. These little things are meant to make us better, some in the short term and others more long term. Some of these little things are more fun than others. These little things come in so many colors and shapes. Yay, Pills. But … Continue reading The Dangers of Popping Pills