Happy Hour Behavior

When your team needs some building you need to go with the coworkers and do what the group likes best, which if you are a teacher, banker, medical professional, student, food services work, or artist, is probably drinking discounted drinks. Pick a day, pick a place, download Uber and go for drinks. It's pretty simple … Continue reading Happy Hour Behavior

On Female Friendships

A year ago today one of my best friends died. It was sudden but not unexpected. I missed three finals to run back and forth to all of the airports in the DC area so that her family could be together. And I spent a week dodging my mother's well meaning coworkers who talking about … Continue reading On Female Friendships

Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them

Remember when you were seven and you joined forces with your grandma to bully your mother into letting you get your ears pierced? I do, or I remember my mom's retellings. I also, twenty-ish years later, don't wear earrings particularly often. Don't be like me, don't break your mother's heart, wear earrings. If you need … Continue reading Earrings and Why You Should Never Leave Home without Them