Solo Travel for the Anxiety Ridden Human

So you planned a trip with your handy-dandy travel buddy. It's going to be fucking phenomenal. It's booked. It's paid for. It's kind of planned. Then your travel buddy is rude enough to have a family emergency/die/breakup with you. You could be fucked. Or you could grab your balls, pull up your big-girl panties, or … Continue reading Solo Travel for the Anxiety Ridden Human

Food Snobbery on a Budget

I am known for my upturned nose at the foods of the people. I will not apologize for this. Store bought cookies are crap, Hershey's chocolate tastes like morning breath, canned and frozen vegetables have their place and it's not in my kitchen. Cheeses are supposed to be small batched and hummus has a very … Continue reading Food Snobbery on a Budget