Size Doesn’t Matter: Discussing Sensitive Issues in the Workplace

I received an email from my boss today commenting on the size of one of the executives screenshots. I was taken aback. Floored. Here is a man, a professional, talking to one of his subordinates about the size of his superior’s screenshots like it’s not a thing. Even if you take the gender dynamics out … Continue reading Size Doesn’t Matter: Discussing Sensitive Issues in the Workplace

Be Agressive, B-E Agressive 

I was at my work computer recently, railing against The Man, and I came across an article about the gender differences in preformance reviews and was struck dumb. I giggled like a maniac while sending highlighted sections and a link to my bosses and a male coworker who would also get a kick out of it. … Continue reading Be Agressive, B-E Agressive 

Filing a Proper Complaint

I've written about customer service before, but I've never guided you through making a proper customer service complaint. I want to do that for you today. Not because every mildly annoying situation calls for a formal complaint, but one day some sales associate at your favorite outlet mall will tell you she's going to the … Continue reading Filing a Proper Complaint