On Happiness

Lately things have been off. Maybe you have noticed my posts are lacking their typical bite. In the moment I am inspired, but I cannot bring my ire to completion, its like getting right the edge and being disappointed. It took me a while to figure out what the problem is, and I'm sure I … Continue reading On Happiness

Reducing the Risk of Repeat Wardrobe Malfunction

As a professional I am supposed to dress a certain way. As a lazy professional, that means I pretty much never wear pants. If celebrities are any indication of the problems that dresses pose when it comes to covering the fun stuff, you can guess that I suffer the occasional bits mishap. I'm not alone … Continue reading Reducing the Risk of Repeat Wardrobe Malfunction

Scrambling the Egg on Your Face

You've pocket dials someone while tinkling? Flashed the entire office your business? Drunk dialed that person you're in love with but is married? You sweat through your shirt at an interview? Opened a PowerPoint presentation with some other tab open for all to see? You were caught at the peak of pleasure with a q-tip in … Continue reading Scrambling the Egg on Your Face