Panic Buttons: An Arguement for Wearable Tech

When you hear about wearable technology your mind probably jumps to Fitbits and UV detection gear, but that's not what I'm talking about today. I'm thinking more along the lines of Life Alert.  You remember the commercials? They are nothing short of iconic but they only feature old people trying to beat the odd and out … Continue reading Panic Buttons: An Arguement for Wearable Tech

Protecting Yourself from the Zombies

It will happen.  You'll be at work, minding your own business and you'll hear a crash. Something has entered through the exterior door and is struggling against the interior door. It's gruesome, bleeding, crazed, disheveled, and coming for you.  So what do you do? Lock the door. It's your best bet to keep this monster … Continue reading Protecting Yourself from the Zombies